Improving Resort Center "Keremet Resort"
Kyrgyz Republic, Zhalalabatsky region,
city of Kochkorata, Turgenev Street
Phones: +996 (3734) 53-421, (551) 05-34-21,
+996 (557) 88-98-77

Treatment and rest in quiet and incredibly beautiful place are needs of each person. It’s not necessary to go somewhere far, it is enough to go to the Resort-Wellness Centre « Keremet Resort». It is not only health improving center, but also the ultra-modern hotel. There are different types of rooms from economy class rooms to presidential suites, conferment hall works for business people.
The main directions of our center are preventive treatment by four types of mineral water mud baths, paraffin treatment, speleotherapy ( treatment of organs of respiratory system by salt crystals). There are all types of physiotherapy- electrotherapy, phototherapy, galvanic mud, light baths, stretching the spine.
The best specialists of wide and narrow profile: neurologist, therapist, dentist, gynecologist work in our center. There are also some types of massage: mechanic, classic, manual, and underwater type made in special hydro-massage baths.
Resort-Wellness Centre « Keremet Resort» is the modern touristic complex. It is located in Kochkorata city, Jalal- Abad region.
All types of services aimed at improvement of the health of resort guests are provided. It is the large outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, phito-bar, gym, hall for physiotherapy exercises, Finnish sauna, table tennis, billiards.
In a word, everything is provided for you to have a wonderful rest and improve your health.
Your health is our concern!

The cost of all rooms includes accommodation, three meals a day and medical treatment according to medical indication.
For children aged 1 to 5 years without providing a separate place, meals are paid for 50%
Payment in foreign currency is made at the exchange rate on the day of payment
Time of stay is unlimited

Treatments included in the price according to medical indication.

Along with the medical orientation, Resort-Wellness Centre « Keremet Resort» provides the following services: billiards, table tennis, a large tennis court, swimming pool, gym, karaoke, cinema hall.